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Cocotop Brand Story

     Cocotop is a healthy activewear brand which belongs to Dongguan Lovelybabies Apparel Co., Ltd. The company has been focusing on OEM & ODM foreign trade garment manufacturing for decades. It has a complete ISO9001:2015 quality management system, and BSCI, GRS related authoritative product certification. The company serves more than 140 brands in the world, of which it directly leads the R&D and manufacturing of new materials and new processes of many high-end brands. Its products are exported to worldwide, and the brand quality is famous all over the world.


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However, can you imagine such a powerful Chinese garment factory with strong R&D and manufacturing capabilities, has been at the bottom of the garment industry chain, only because it does not have it own brand?

We own the raw material, the facility, the tech, the technician and all the resources which turns the high end healthy activewear into reality, however, the truth is, these high end healthy activewear manufactured by Lovelybabies, were exported under the overseas famous brand, our Chinese people have to spend several times or even tens of times the price to buy, due to they have no reliable direct access to buy.

Isn't this a sad thing?

Therefore, Ms. Moon, the founder of Lovelybabies, is determined to build a healthy sportswear brand that belongs to us in China, enable our technology and our workmanship to serve for our Chinese people. We will let Chinese people enjoy the same or even higher quality sportswear at a price several times lower than that of foreign brands. Cocotop, that how a healthy sportswear brand came into being.

Cocotop brand will be the pioneer and leader of healthy sportswear. Support Cocotop, support Chinese people's own high end healthy sportswear brand.

Cocotop - health is always with you.

Gym wear fabrics are technical materials that help to keep the person feel comfortable during exercise.